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Solutions for senior Care givers 

Building Profitability and Sustainability

Mannix & Associates- Since 1999, ​we focus on five key areas to provide support and services to senior living communities:

  • facility construction & renovation
  • new facility consulting 
  • leadership & staff development  
  • leveraging under served market segments 
  • developing right mix digital & precision marketing 

Mannix & Associates  looks forward to collaborating with you on developing robust solutions  and valued results. We are in the business of helping senior care facilities  increase profits and sustain growth.

Why Hire

       Mannix & Associates   

The senior care industry is booming and it's getting stared as the baby boom generation is moving into their senior years. People sixty-five years and older represent the fastest-growing age group in the United States and it is predicted that the 75+ population will increase 70%by 2025. And by 2030 70 million Americans will be over the age of 65. This is one out of every five Americans!

There is a bewildering array of purchase influencers in this marketplace that you must deliver your message. Competition is ever-increasing making it all the more difficult to stand out as the senior care marketplace grows. Unproductive marketing strategies, nonexistent sales management, and inconsistent social media administration contribute to low occupancy rate.

 Service Menu At a Glance

  • Facility Management Consulting

  • Marketing and Business Development --under served senior market segments

  • Staff Development

  • Leadership  & Staff Development


  • ​Facility Construction & Renovation